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Terms & Conditions


In these Conditions:

Client: Means the person named as such in the Quotation.

Contract: Means the contract between the Client and the Contractor for the Works comprising the Quotation, these Terms & Conditions and the
Other documents with the Contract.

Contractor: Means Baseline Contracts Ltd.

Contract Price: Means the price payable by the Client to the Contractor for the Works, As shown in the Quotation, (and a varied conditions)

Quotations: Means the Contractors Quotation referring to these Conditions.

Works: Means the works described in the Quotation.


Acceptance of the Contractors Quotation by the Client constitutes the contract for the Contractor to carry out the Works in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.


3.1 The Contractor will exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of the Works.

3.2 The Client will give the Contractor access to his/her premises as reasonably required by the Contractor to enable him to carry out the Works without interference by the Client or by other contractors of the Client.

3.3 The Client is responsible for obtaining any planning permission required for the Works. The Contractor will be responsible for obtaining permits and licences needed in the course of the Works and the Client will give reasonable assistance as required by the Contractor. The cost of obtaining these permits and licences is included in the Contract Price unless otherwise stated.